Create an appointment
Easily book in your clients for an appointment.
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Create an appointment

First, make sure you have created services. Then make sure that your location provides those services, and that you also provide those services,

Create an appointment from the calendar

Go to your calendar and create an appointment by clicking on the starting time and selecting 'Appointment'.

Complete the details of the group appointment, including the max number of clients who can attend it and any repeating rules.

After creating an appointment, you will see all of the details from the appointment modal. You can invoice for the appointment, add a progress note, change the arrival status, edit the appointment, cancel it, book another, view any forms attached, add a note, add a support activity, create a Zoom meeting or click on the client's name to view the client's details.

If Google is connected then you will be able to open up the group appointment in your Google Calendar.

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