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Set up the Zoom integration
Set up the Zoom integration

Set up Zoom for Telehealth appointments. Create Zoom Meetings from your calendar and from online bookings.

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About Zoom

Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications with consistently high-quality video, even in low-bandwidth environments. Zoom is easy to use and designed for video and audio conferencing and chat. Zoom users can choose to record sessions, collaborate on projects, and share and annotate screens.

This help guide will cover:

  • About the Zoom integration

  • Installation

  • Usage

  • How to create a confirmation communication template for Zoom appointments

  • How to create a reminder communication template for Zoom appointments

  • Disconnecting Zoom

  • Uninstallation

About the integration

Create Zoom Meetings for appointments and group appointments right from your calendar. Create Zoom Meetings automatically when clients schedule appointments using online bookings, and send an automated confirmation SMS and email with the Zoom Meeting link, meeting ID and passcode. Start a Zoom Meeting from the calendar and copy the invitation link to send to clients if required. Zoom Meetings created in Splose instantly appear in your Zoom account.

📝 Note: Zoom Pro (or above) plan is required to use this integration. A single user may only use up to 100 requests per day (UTC) to create, update, or delete meetings. This 24-hour period resets at 00:00 UTC, not the user or account’s local timezone.


To start creating Zoom Meetings for appointments and group appointments, start by going to Settings, Integrations and click Connect under Zoom.

Click Authorize to give Splose to access your Zoom account.

Once Zoom is connected, assign Zoom accounts to practitioners in your workspace.

If a practitioner does not have or does not require a Zoom account to be connected, you can ignore the Zoom account for that practitioner.


Create Zoom Meetings automatically

Now that Zoom is connected to a practitioner account, go to Settings, then Services and edit the services that you wish to automatically create Zoom Meetings for.

Toggle the switch to create Zoom Meetings for new appointments scheduled.

This will create Zoom Meetings every time this type of appointment is scheduled.

Create Zoom Meetings from the calendar

You can create Zoom Meetings for appointments go to the Calendar and find existing appointments or group appointments you want to create Zoom Meetings for or create a new appointment.

Create Zoom Meetings from online bookings

If you have turned on the setting to create Zoom Meetings for appointments automatically, then when a client schedules an appointment online for this service type, a Zoom will be automatically created.

Create a confirmation communication template for Zoom appointments

For services that have Zoom Meetings automatically created, you should create a new communication template and reminder template specifically for Zoom Meetings, so clients can open Zoom Meetings from your businesses' communication.


Start by going to Settings, then Appointment templates and duplicate a confirmation template.

Name the template, like Zoom appointment confirmation and then add in the Zoom placeholder codes under the Appointment dropdown in SMS.

Your SMS confirmation template will now look something like this:

Now, add the Zoom placeholder codes into the email template.

You can copy and paste the message below.

Dear {patient_firstName},

Your {appointment_serviceTitle} appointment with {practitioner_fullNameWithTitle} for {appointment_date} at {appointment_startTime} {businessLocation_timezone} has been confirmed.

Your Zoom meeting details:

Zoom link: {appointment_zoomMeetingLink}

Meeting ID: {appointment_zoomMeetingId}

Meeting password: {appointment_zoomMeetingPassword}

I look forward to seeing you soon over Zoom.




Click Save.

If you would like to set up a reminder, keep reading on, otherwise skip to attaching Zoom meeting templates to services.


On the Appointment templates page, duplicate a reminder template, then click edit.

Give it a new name, like Zoom appointment reminder and add in the Zoom placeholder codes under the Appointment dropdown in SMS.

Now, add in Zoom placeholder codes for your email template.

Attach Zoom meeting templates to services

Now that appointment templates are set up for Zoom Meetings, you must attach them to your Telehealth services.

Go to Settings, then Services and click edit the services with Zoom Meetings enabled.

Scroll to Appointment notifications and replace the Confirmation notification and Reminder with the new templates created.

Click Save.

Disconnect Zoom

Go to Settings, then click Disconnect and confirm you want to disconnect Zoom from Splose.


In order to uninstall Zoom, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace

  2. Click Manage, then Installed Apps or search for the Splose app.

  3. Click the Splose app.

  4. Click Uninstall.

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