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Create and send professional invoices to clients and contacts.

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Before creating an invoice, make sure you have set up the invoice setup basics so your invoices include all the necessary details such as your payment terms (Invoice settings), logo (Business settings) and your services (Service settings).

What can be invoiced?

Other items can be added to an invoice, including:

  • Appointments (Created from the calendar)

  • Support activities (Created from the calendar)

  • Support items (Like provider travel, non-labour costs and activity-based transport)

  • Products (Items you've added in the products tab)

  • Custom items (Create your own descriptions on the fly)

What's covered in this guide?

This guide will cover:

  • How to create invoices for appointments and support activities from the calendar

  • How to add other NF2F billable items like reports and communications to an invoice

  • Automate invoicing with batch invoicing

  • How to invoice multiple appointments and provider travel items to an invoice

How to create an invoice?

You can create an invoice from the calendar, from a client record, from reports (like the Uninvoiced report) and batch invoicing (recommended).

From the calendar

Create an appointment or support activity, then click to open the details and click Add invoice. If an appointment is invoiced, all provider travel, non-labour costs and activity-based transport items will be automatically added as a separate item line. Provider numbers will also be displayed automatically.

If an Assigned contact pays the client's invoice, they will be selected under "Invoice to".

The Create invoice page will be displayed with the appointment and associated travel item.

Adding additional items to an invoice like NF2F invoice items

If you need to add other appointments, provider travel and support activities, click on a new item line under "Type" and then select the billable item.

For example, if you need to add a corresponding progress report and/or another appointment and the associated travel, you would need to click Support activity for the progress report, then add a new item for the next appointment, and then add a support item linked to the appointment.

The item will be added to the invoice.

Add additional appointments and provider travel

Click on the new item line and select Appointment, then select the appointment.

If there is provider travel associated with the appointment, click on a new item line and select Support item and choose the corresponding provider travel item.

Preview the invoice, then click Create.

Once you've created an invoice, you will move on to the Invoice page, where you can pay it using integrations or manually mark it as paid, and then email it to a client or contact.

💡 Tip: Using the Xero integration? Reconciling an invoice in Xero automatically marks the invoice in Splose as paid!

Automate creating and sending invoices with batch invoicing

Save hours every week by invoicing all billable items for all practitioners, filtered by tags and date range. Preview all invoices before sending them out.

Customise invoice templates

You can customise how your invoice looks and how information is displayed by going into Settings, Invoices, then Invoice templates.

You can edit your preferences and then click Save.

Email invoices to clients and contacts

If you send invoices individually (instead of through batch invoicing), go to the invoice and click email invoice. Select the Invoice template to use, edit any content and click Send.

The record of the email will be saved in the communication log for the client.

Get paid faster with Stripe

Connect your Stripe account to Splose to add a 'Pay now' button on your invoices and let recipients pay securely online with a credit card.

Process payments from the invoice page

Manually record payment

If you use other methods to capture payment, like an EFTPOS terminal, you can add a payment to an invoice

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