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Enhance Your Writing With splose next-gen progress notes using command driven writing

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Open up a world of possibilities and write notes with more control than ever with splose’s next-gen editor.

Slash Your Way to Powerful Features

Start with a forward slash / to access a range of progress note-writing features, including:

  • A completely revamped table functionality will revolutionise the way you create comprehensive reports. Checkboxes and dropdown options can now be directly inserted into tables, enhancing the detail and depth of your notes and reports.

  • Enhanced Formatting: Craft visually appealing and well-organised notes with improved heading options and the ability to insert inline signatures. These enhancements provide greater flexibility and customisation, ensuring your notes reflect your unique style and needs.

  • Say goodbye to limitations with drag-and-drop flexibility. The splose next-gen editor lets you structure your notes exactly the way you want. Create a layout that suits your preferences and workflow by dragging and dropping blocks.

Getting Started with splose Progress Notes

Using splose's progress notes is as easy as it is powerful. Here's a quick guide:

  1. Add a progress note from the calendar by clicking "Add progress note" in the appointment details.

    Or go to a client record and click + New note.

  2. Choose a progress note template and click Create

  3. Simply click the + or type a forward slash (/) followed by the desired command keyword (e.g., "/bullet list" or "/Image").

  4. splose will recognise the command and provide options or automatically insert the element into your note.

  5. Start typing your notes as usual.

splose's intuitive interface will provide hints and suggestions as you type commands, making the learning curve virtually non-existent.

The future of progress notes and report writing is here, and it all starts with a forward slash /

Elevate Your Note-Taking Experience

splose's progress notes move beyond traditional fixed sections - introducing the power of command line functionality! This innovative system allows you to craft comprehensive notes with ease, using forward slash commands to insert frequently used elements.

Here's a glimpse of the exciting new options you can leverage:

/Heading 1: Add a large heading

/Heading 2: Add a medium heading

/Heading 3: Add a small heading

/Text: Write any text

/Bullet list: Create an unordered list

/Numbered list: Create an ordered list

/Checklist: Click boxes for pre-made options

/Tables: Organise info in rows and columns

Forward slash / and select Table to create a table. A default table with 3 rows and 3 columns will be created.

To add content to a cell, simply forward slash / and select a content block. Navigate in any direction between cells using the arrow keys. ← → ↑ ↓ ↖ ↗ ↘ ↙

/Image: Add a picture in PNG, JPG, or JPEG

/Body chart: Mark directly on a body image

/Dropdown: Pick from a list of options

/Linear scale: Measure progress from a sliding scale

/Signature: Add a digital signature

/Date: Pick a date

/File: Attach a document

/Multiple choice: Select one answer from a list

/Yes/No: Add a yes or no field

Keyboard shortcuts

Utilise our new keyboard shortcuts for a faster note writing experience!

Copy: Cmd C

Cut: Cmd X

Paste: Cmd V

Undo: Cmd Z

Redo: Cmd Shift Z

Add a line break: Shift Enter

Bold: Cmd B

Italicise: Cmd I

Underline: Cmd U

Strikethrough: Cmd Shift X

Bring up the keyboard shortcuts on a note by clicking on the 'More' drop-down option, then shortcuts.

Zen mode vs Reference mode

You can easily switch between Zen mode, which allows you to focus on the current progress note, and Reference mode, which helps you connect with previously completed notes.

Copy recent note and Copy recent practitioner note

To copy a previously completed note of the same template, select Copy recent note for a note completed by you or Copy recent practitioner note to copy across the information completed by another practitioner.

Save as Final

Once a note is completed, select "Save as final".

You can revert a note back to draft within 48 hours before it becomes finalised.

After 48 hours, only an addendum can be added.

Note-Taking Reimagined: Efficiency and Accuracy at Your Fingertips

splose's progress notes with command line functionality offer a multitude of benefits:

  • Boosted Efficiency: Capture critical information faster than ever with commands for frequently used elements.

  • Enhanced Accuracy: Reduce errors by using pre-defined options and templates for standardised data.

  • Improved Organisation: Structure your notes with ease using templates and maintain consistency.

splose progress notes empower you to take control of your note-taking, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional care or completing tasks without sacrificing valuable time.

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