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Set up Microsoft Teams integration
Set up Microsoft Teams integration

Use Microsoft Teams for Telehealth appointments. Create and send Teams meetings easily.

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Connect Microsoft Teams to Splose to automatically integrate Microsoft Teams Meetings for Telehealth appointments.

This guide will cover:

  • Connecting Microsoft Teams

  • Adding Microsoft Teams meeting links through confirmation and reminders

  • Creating Microsoft Teams links for appointments

๐Ÿ’กNote: Microsoft Business Basic, Business Standard or Business Premium is required to use this integration.

How to connect Microsoft Teams

Go to My Account, Integrations and click Connect under Microsoft Teams.

Sign in with your Microsoft account.

You will then be redirected ack to Splose. Microsoft Teams will be automatically connected!

Add Microsoft Teams meetings through confirmations and reminders

Go to Settings, Appointment templates. We recommend duplicating your existing Appointment confirmation and Reminder and renaming it to Confirmation (Microsoft Teams) and Reminder (Microsoft Teams), so that you don't need to write your templates from scratch.

Update the content of your templates and make sure to add the Microsoft Teams link placeholder code under the Appointment button.

Repeat for the Email content.

Repeat this process for your reminder template.

Set up your services

Go to Settings, services, and create/edit your Telehealth service(s).

Under Telehealth, click Create meeting with Microsoft Teams.

Scroll to Appointment notifications and select the Microsoft Teams confirmation and reminder templates.

Creating Microsoft Teams meeting links

When you create an appointment from the calendar or a client creates a Telehealth appointment online, a Microsoft Teams meeting link will be created and sent to the client through your confirmations and reminders.

If you haven't set up automatic Microsoft Teams meetings in Service settings, you can create a Microsoft Teams Meeting from an existing appointment - just keep in mind you will need to send the Microsoft Teams meeting link to your clients manually.

Open up Microsoft Teams to see your Splose Telehealth appointments.

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