Set up services your business provides

Go to Settings, Services and click + Add a new service. Complete the following information.


Type is used to categorise services, for example, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology and Remedial Massage. Splose will automatically group together all of the services with the same type in your calendar, invoicing and online bookings.


The name of the service will be displayed in appointments, online bookings, invoices and other places.

Max number of clients

The number of clients that attend this type of appointment. For appointments where only one client is attending, enter 1. For group sessions, then enter at least 2. You can add clients to your group appointment from the calendar.


Displayed in online bookings, or if online bookings are off, can be used for internal references.

Item code

This field is handy if you need to include health fund codes or Medicare item codes in your invoices and for seamless syncing services to Medipass.

Duration (in minutes)

This sets the default appointment duration when booking on the calendar and displaying the duration in online bookings.


Set a buffer before and/or after an appointment if you would like to allocate time for cleaning, processing payments or taking a break.


The price for the service and appointment, which will be automatically set for invoices and be displayed in online bookings.

Tax rate

The tax rate that should be assigned for your service, which helps determine the amount of tax at the time of creating an invoice.

Default treatment note template

Choose which treatment note template should be automatically assigned when creating a treatment note from an appointment.

Calendar colour

Select a colour that should be displayed for appointments on your calendar.

Now, you can create communication templates and attach them to your services.


Attach communication templates as appointment notifications for confirmation, reschedule, cancellation and reminder messages.

Assign Services

To schedule appointments from the calendar and allow clients to book online (if online bookings are enabled), go to Settings, Locations and select the services that the location provides.

Click Save.

Go to My Account and scroll to practitioner settings. Select the Locations the practitioner works at and the services that the practitioner provides.

Click Save.

With these two combinations saved, you will be able to schedule appointments.

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