There are a few steps you will need to consider when making sure your online bookings are displaying your desired information.

This help guide will cover:

  • How to enable online bookings for locations

  • How to enable online bookings for services

  • How to enable online bookings for practitioners

Once you've set up the basics, you'll want to learn how to customise your online bookings appearance including your own colours!

Assign Services

In order for your clients to book appointments online, you must go to Settings and select the locations where the practitioner works.

Then, select the services that the practitioner provides from the User details page.

With these two combinations saved, the services will be displayed for a practitioner who works at the location selected.

Enable online bookings for locations

Go to Settings, then Locations and click on a location to edit the settings.

Scroll to the online bookings settings and enable online bookings.

Enable online bookings for services

Go to Settings, then Services and under actions click enable online booking or disable online booking to hide services.

Enable online bookings for practitioners

First, you must ensure that you have selected the services offered by the practitioner under My Account (top right) or in Settings, then Users and click the Details tab.

You can now enable online bookings for yourself or other practitioners in your workspace and add in a professional statement that will be displayed online.

Go to Settings and customise other online booking features, and when you are ready to go live, you can copy your online booking link by clicking on the input field.

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