Send standard forms

Email online forms to your clients and contacts or attach them to appointments.

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There are two ways you can send your form to clients - one is automated and one is manual.

Attach a form template to an appointment template (Automated)

You can automate your workflow by including forms in your appointment templates. The recommended method is to go to Settings, Appointment templates and view an existing confirmation template or create a new appointment confirmation template. You must make sure to have multiple confirmation templates set up - one that will be used for appointments for new clients (such as initial consultations) and one for returning clients (such as standard consultations) because you will typically use online forms to help onboard new clients. Hence, you only want to ask your clients intake form questions for the first time you see them, and not upon repeat visits.

Once you have two templates set up, edit your new client confirmation template and attach the form to the message.

For the SMS message, select Form from the placeholder options after your text.

The SMS preview will look like this.

For the email message, select Form from the placeholder options after your text.

The Email preview will look like this.

Now that you have created a template, you'll need to attach it to the correct services, in Settings > Services and select services that you have for new clients. Then, head to notifications and select your template under Confirmation notification.

Now, your clients will receive a secure form link in their confirmation messages.

Send forms to clients via a secure link from their profile

If a client is unable to find their communication messages, or you want to send a quick follow-up, you can copy the secure form link and send it to your client.

To do this, search for the client you wish to send a form to, then select the forms tab, and on the page select New form.

Now, select from the list of templates, associate an appointment or leave blank, and choose to pre-fill client details or not, then click Create.

Under actions, you can then select the three dots and view the form, regardless of whether the form is incomplete or completed. You can also copy the link and share it or open in a new tab. You can modify the form and save progress at any time.

If you click View, you can select to email the form, download it as a PDF, copy the link, and archive the form.

Once the form has been completed, you will see the date and time it was completed.

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