Set up your locations

How to set up locations and keep information up to date.

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How to set up locations

Physical locations

Create as many locations as required if you have different physical practices based on the location name, for example, Rainbow Speech East end and Rainbow Speech West end.

Mobile providers

If you are a mobile provider, we recommend setting up one location as your business name, for example, Rainbow Speech.

You should not set up multiple locations for the places you travel to, such as schools, community venues etc.

The appointment location you travel to can be specified from the calendar using the provider travel feature.

Create a location

Go to Settings, then Locations, and click + New location.

Add the location details.

Search for an address to pre-fill the location address. This is required.

If you wish to hide your address from clients, including on invoices and online bookings, select Provides mobile and/or telehealth services.

Select services that are available at the location.

πŸ“ Note: Practitioners can only offer services at a location if the location provides the service.

Choose to enable online bookings and customise your online booking display preferences.

Archive a location

You can archive a location from the locations page. You will not be able to select and search for the location in Splose. You can restore a location at any time by clicking the restore button.

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