You can add as many locations as you required. The first location is set up for you automatically when you join Splose and it's necessary to have at least one location at any time for Splose to function properly.

This article will cover the various fields in the location settings to help you understand what they are and their purpose.

Go to Settings, then Locations, and click + New location or click on an existing location to view the information.

For this example, we'll look at an existing location to see the information there.

You can first enter general details for the location, such as the name, email, business number, phone, and timezone.

You can then add location information, which is especially useful for displaying a map in online bookings. Use the Google map search field to find addresses quickly.

Next, select services that are available at this location.

📝 Note: Practitioners can only offer services at a location if the location provides the service.

Decide if you want to enable online bookings. If you do, you can decide if you want to hide the location address from online bookings, add facilities, accessibilities, and open hours.

Archive a location

You can archive a location at the top of the page, after confirming that you wish to archive it.

Upon archiving, you will not be able to select and search the location in Splose. You can restore a location at any time by clicking the restore button.

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