If you manage your clients, appointments and contacts from Google sheets, the good news is that you can import your data into Splose using Magic import (our importing tool) and start working in Splose with your existing Google sheet data in just a few minutes. There's no lengthy migration required and importing is something that you can do right from your workspace settings (although we are more than happy to help you with the process). Magic import is designed to protect your data. Data is encrypted while in transit and encrypted at rest using AES-256.

This help guide will cover:

  • How to get started with Splose guides

  • How to set up your Splose workspace

  • What data can be transferred from Google sheets to Splose

  • Checklist to complete before importing your data

  • What happens after the transfer is complete

  • Getting support during your transfer

📝 Transferring your data can be an overwhelming process. You have probably Google Sheets for a long time. Rest assured, our team is here to help you through every part of the process.

Get started with Splose guides

If you have reviewed all of the features in Splose, then you will want to experience the difference first hand by starting a free trial.

Review the member roles and permissions and then look at the individual member guides:

What data can be transferred from Google sheets to Splose

  • Clients (via Magic import)

  • Contacts (via Magic import)

Set up your Splose workspace

You should set up your locations, members and services as soon as possible.

Export your data from Google sheets

In order to export your data from Google sheets, you will need to save your sheet as a CSV file. Click on File and then Download and select Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet).

Now that you know how to export your sheet as a CSV file, make sure you export your clients, contacts and appointments as CSV files.

📝 If you use other tools such as Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox for file storage, then you will need to download them and manually upload them to client files in Splose.

What happens after the transfer is complete

Once you have uploaded your CSV files, you can review your information in Splose and get straight to work.

If you've made a mistake or want to start again, you can delete your data import within 48 hours and then start over.

Getting support during your transfer

Moving from spreadsheets to practice management software can be an overwhelming process. Rest assured, our team has helped many other businesses like yours safely transfer data into Splose. We are available to support you with transferring your data. Simply reach out to our support team and we will help you where we can!

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