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Process card payments with Medipass
Process card payments with Medipass

Process card payments with Medipass.

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Process credit card payments using the Medipass integration. Connect Medipass with Splose before reading this guide.

This help guide will cover:

  • Enabling card payments in Medipass

  • How to pay for an invoice with Medipass card payment

  • Three ways to capture a card payment with Medipass

Enable card payments in Medipass

In Medipass, go to Business Settings, Card payments and manage payment method.

Select Medipass Card Payments, then click Confirm & continue.

Confirm your business & location details, payment card, bank account and business verification.

After verification, Medipass card payments will be enabled.

Pay for an invoice with Medipass

Create an invoice and click Pay, then select Card payment under Medipass.

Once the invoice is created, click the Add payment button.

Choose to process the payment from the Medipass virtual terminal.

Payment options

Enter a new credit card, or use a credit card that was previously added. Click Charge once authorised. The payment will be submitted.

Payments over $250

Clients must authorise payments manually over $250. Click charge and the client will receive an SMS with a link to authorise the payment.

Successful payments.

Once paid, the invoice will be automatically marked as paid.

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