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Securely link a credit card with a client record through Stripe
Securely link a credit card with a client record through Stripe

The Stripe and Splose integration lets you store cards securely with Stripe and use them as a payment method.

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Splose Integration with Stripe for Storing Credit Card

Splose offers an integration with Stripe that allows providers to attach a credit card to a client record and use that card to process payments on invoices. This integration provides convenience for clients and helps providers get paid faster.

Store client credit cards with Stripe

Once you have connected Stripe with Splose, you can store a client's credit card information by following these steps:

Search for a client and open up their record.

On the right side under the Stripe widget, click Create client in Stripe. This action will create a Stripe customer, allowing you to add a credit card to the client's customer record.

Click Add a card.

Enter the card details and click Add card.

๐Ÿ’ก Note that Splose never stores your client's credit card details. Card details are encrypted and sent to Stripe.

You will see the card summary details from the client record. Additionally, these details will now be visible in your Stripe customer account.

You have now linked a credit card to a client. You can use this card to process payments on invoices.

Processing payments with a saved credit card

To process payments on invoices using a client's stored credit card, go to an Invoice, then click Card payment under Pay.

Select the amount and card, and ensure the client has authorised the payment, then click Pay.

The payment will be processed using the stored credit card. The invoice will be updated to "paid", and you can send clients a copy of their paid invoice.

For easy reconciling, the description will be recorded in Stripe under the invoice.

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