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Welcome to Splose! Here is your all-in-one guide for moving from Halaxy to Splose. Our team will securely import your data from Halaxy. This process is currently free of charge and is subject to change any time without notice.

This help guide will cover:

  • How to set up your Splose workspace

  • What data can be transferred from Halaxy to Splose

  • Debtor management

  • How to export your data from Halaxy

  • Booking in your Halaxy import with the Splose team

  • What happens after the transfer is complete

  • Getting support during your transfer

Set up your Splose workspace

First, set up locations, practitioners and services in Splose so that our team can map your data from Halaxy to Splose.


Set up all locations (including archived ones) in Splose.

Practitioners & Users

Invite all practitioners (including archived ones) to Splose. You can also invite admin users and your accountant/bookkeeper. Ensure all of your users have accepted the Splose invite before the data import commences.


Set up services (including archived ones) to Splose.

What data can be transferred from Halaxy to Splose

The following can be transferred from Halaxy to Splose through the import.:

  • Clients

  • Contacts

  • Appointments

  • Progress notes

  • Forms

  • Client files

Debtor management

If you are a Xero user and your debtors are in Xero, we recommend keeping them there and managing them using the Aged Receivables report. If your debtors exist in Halaxy, we recommend creating the debtors in Splose along with the outstanding balance. Create an invoice and add a "Custom" invoice item line and the amount. You can enter the issue date and due date, then email follow-ups right using email templates. Continue debtor management using the Aged Debtors report in Splose.

Account credit

Export your data from Halaxy

You must email from your Halaxy associated email and request that they enable the data export feature.

You can use this template:

Dear Halaxy,

Could you enable full data export for my account as soon as possible and let me know once this has been completed?


Your full name

Once the export is enabled by Halaxy, you can export your data by going to Settings, then General.

Under Data Export, click Export your data now. Check all of the choices and click Save.

Once completed, you will be able to download your data by clicking the download icon. A ZIP folder will be downloaded which you do not need to open or edit.

Schedule your data import with Splose

The Splose team will import your data for you. Contact us via the help chat in your dashboard and book a time for your data import. We typically require 1 week's notice. We will provide you with a secure link to that you can upload all of your data.

What happens after the transfer is complete

We'll notify you once different stages of the import are completed, so you'll have multiple opportunities to confirm the import before it's completely finalised.

Checklist to complete before importing your data

Please ensure that you have checked the following:

  1. Create all locations (active and archived) and keep them active in Splose

  2. Invite all practitioners (active and inactive) and keep them active in Splose

  3. Create all services (active and archived) and keep them active in Splose

  4. Export your Halaxy data (ZIP folder)

  5. Book a time with our team to import your data

Getting support during your transfer

Moving from another practice management system may seem like an overwhelming process. Rest assured, our team has helped many other businesses like yours safely transfer their Halaxy data to Splose. Reach out to our support team if you have any questions about the process.

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