You can add account credit for a client or contact by creating a payment for thtem.

Add payment and allocate it towards account credit

You can go to Payments or search the client and then go to Payments so that the client details are pre-filled in the payment modal.

Here, you can add a payment for the client without attaching it to any invoices. You will see a message that says the unapplied payment will be added as an account credit. You can add a note to the payment, then enter the payment, click Confirm.

The payment will be created with the reference number attached.

If you click on the payment, you will be able to see the details and any notes.

Now, the account credit will be displayed on the client page and can be used to pay for future invoices.

Pay for an invoice using account credit

You must first create an invoice which is ready to be paid. On the outstanding invoice, select the Add payment button.

In the Payment modal, you will see the account credit information is displayed, which will allow you to pay for the invoice from the account credit. In the Payment summary, the credits applied will be displayed. In this example, the client has a $100 credit and is paying the total invoice of $65 with account credit, therefore, the client will have $35 account credit after this invoice is paid.

By clicking on the payment reference, you will able to see that the payment made was from account credit, and not a new payment.

Store account credit for contacts

This above method also works for contacts, where you can change the recipient to a Contact, and the contact will store the account credit instead, which can be used to pay future invoices for clients.

The account credit will be displayed on the contact page.

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