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Set up the Stripe integration
Set up the Stripe integration

Connect Stripe payments to accept payments online

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About Stripe

Stripe provides online payment processing for businesses, giving customers a simple and fast way to pay invoices online. With Stripe, you only pay for what you use. There are no setup, monthly, or hidden fees. Get paid faster with Stripe. Stripe payment processing fees + 0.75% Splose platform fee applies to all successful payments.

This help guide will cover:

  • How to connect Stripe with Splose

  • Adding a 'Pay now' button to invoices for clients and contacts to pay online with a credit card

  • Add a card to a client record and process payments for invoices

  • Enable payments for online bookings

How to connect Stipe with Splose

To begin accepting payments online, start by going to Settings, Integrations and click Connect under Stripe.

You must enter your email whether you have an existing Stripe account or not.

If you have a Stripe account, log in. Otherwise, follow the steps to create a Stripe account. If you need additional help, check out Stripe's support documents for getting started.

Once connected, you will arrive back at Splose. You can visit the Integration page to see that Stripe is connected.

Add a ‘Pay now’ button to invoices

Create professional and branded invoices in Splose and add a ‘Pay now’ button so that clients and contacts can securely and conveniently pay with a credit card online.

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