Set up the Stripe integration

Gift vouchers are powered by Stripe. In order to set up and sell gift vouchers online, you must first connect Stripe to Splose.

Add a ‘Pay now’ button to invoices

Create professional and branded invoices in Splose and add a ‘Pay now’ button so that clients and contacts can securely and conveniently pay with credit card online.

First, go to Settings, click the Invoices tab, and Turn on Online payment. Then, assign online payments to a payment method in your account, such as 'credit card'.

Now, all invoices you create and send will include a 'Pay now' button.

Send an invoice to clients and contacts

After creating an invoice, click Email invoice.

Add a message, then click Send.

Alternatively, you can click Actions and Copy public link. You must click Mark as sent before sending so that the invoice status can be updated to Awaiting Payment, instead of staying as a draft. You can now send the invoice to the recipient using your own mail client, like Gmail.

When the recipient opens their invoice online they can pay online by clicking Pay with credit card.

The recipient can then enter their credit card details and billing details and click Pay amount.

Once payment is successful, it will be applied to the invoice in Splose.

If Xero is connected, payment will be also synced with the invoice in Xero.

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