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Create and refund account credit for clients
Create and refund account credit for clients

Add credits, refund credits and apply credits to invoices.

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Create a credit


You can add credit as an overpayment from an invoice, or create a payment without assigning it to an invoice.

Credit from payment

Enter a payment directly from the Payments page without adding it to an invoice to create a credit.

Regardless, the credit will show as a new payment.

Displaying account credit

The account credit is displayed on the client record.

Pay for an invoice with account credit

Click Pay, then Pay with credit and apply the credit amount.

Enter the credit amount and click apply. You can see which payments created this credit to ensure that you apply the correct credit.

Refund a credit

You can see the history of the credit by clicking view.

If the credit has been used to pay invoices, its history will show here.

You can make a partial or full refund on a credit by clicking on the payment page and clicking Refund credit.

Select the amount to refund, the refund date and then click refund.

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