Set up associated contacts

Add contacts associated with a client for fast-access and include them in appointments, invoices and progress notes.

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You can connect contacts to clients, including parents, support coordinators, doctors, case managers, caregivers, and more! You can link associated contacts from the client record and set them up to receive appointment updates, invoices, and progress notes.

Go to a client record, then click edit and scroll to the Associated contacts section.

Start typing a contact and then click Add.

You can choose for the contact to be included in appointment notifications, invoice emails and progress note emails.

Save the page, and you will see the associated contacts listed on the client details page.

Click on a contact's name to show their details such as phone number, email and address. Click on their name again to view the contact.

The contact page will also display all associated clients, making it easy to access the relevant clients!

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