Add a credit note
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💡 A credit note is a document issued by providers to clients, indicating that a certain amount of money has been credited to the client's account. It is essentially a negative invoice that offsets a previous invoice or a payment.

💡Credit notes are important for several reasons:

  • They provide a record of any adjustments made to a customer's account, which can help to prevent disputes or confusion.

  • They can be used to correct errors on invoices or to refund customers for returned goods or overpayments.

  • Credit notes are also useful for providers to keep track of their financial transactions and to maintain accurate accounting records.

You can create a credit note in Splose for an invoice that isn't fully paid.

Go to Invoices, then Pay, and Add credit note.

A credit note page will be displayed, allowing you to view the invoice item lines and preview the credit note.

The credit note will be created. If Xero is connected, the credit note will be created in Xero.

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