Thanks to our cliniko import tool, you can start working in Splose with all of your existing cliniko data in just a few minutes! There's no lengthy migration required and is something you can do right from the Splose dashboard. This import the safest way to possibly move your data from one system to another and is done through an API provided and maintained by cliniko.

This help guide will cover:

  • What data can be imported from cliniko to Splose

  • Create and copy a cliniko API key for Splose

  • Debtor management

  • How to import your cliniko data to Splose

  • Getting support during the import process

What can be imported from cliniko to Splose

With our import tool, you can import the following Cliniko data automatically:

In cliniko

In Splose

Appointment types




Group appointments (with any clients)

Group appointments (with any clients)







Daily availability

Monthly availability

Patient file attachments






Practitioner Reference numbers

Reference numbers

Treatment note templates

Progress note templates

Treatment notes

Progress notes

The following data will not come across automatically:

  • Cases

  • Online forms and online form templates

  • Body charts and body chart templates

  • Letters and letter templates

  • Invoices and payments

Create and copy a cliniko API key for Splose

Step 1

Login to your cliniko account and click your name and then My info.

Step 2

If you have not allowed yourself to create API keys, then under "You can not create or use API keys" flick the switch to Yes to Allow yourself to create and use API keys.

Then click Update user.

Step 3

Enter your password and then click Manage API keys.

Step 4

Select + Add an API key.

Step 5

Add a name for your API key. The name you choose does not matter and can be anything.

Step 6

Copy your API key. Once you select "Done", you will not be able to access that key again. Paste the API key into your notes until you have added it to Splose.

📝 We recommend exporting all of your data from cliniko for record-keeping purposes.

Set up your Splose workspace

First, set up locations and practitioners in Splose so that the data can be mapped.


Set up all locations in Splose, including any archived locations, so that businesses in cliniko can be mapped to locations in Splose.

Practitioners & Members

Invite all of your practitioners to Splose, including any archived practitioners, so that imported appointments can be mapped to the correct practitioners. Invite other members to your workspace (including practice managers, receptionists and your accountant). Ensure all of your members have accepted their Splose invite before the data import.


You can set up services that your business provides, or Splose can import them directly from cliniko All imported appointments can be mapped from cliniko to Splose the correct services.

Now that you have your API key and have set up locations and practitioners in Splose, you can proceed with importing your data from cliniko.

Import your cliniko data to Splose

Log in to your workspace, go to Settings, then Import and click + Import.

Select cliniko.

Paste your cliniko API key. Splose will attempt to add the shard from your API key. The shard represents the region of your data and will be au1, au2, ca1 or uk1.

You can identify the shard by looking at the browser URL.

You must now complete the final mapping process, which assigns your imported practitioners, services and locations to appointments. It is crucial that you create all of your practitioners and locations prior to completing this step. If you have not added these, cancel the import, then start over once done.

If you have created locations and practitioners, continue with assigning.

Import businesses

You can choose to assign your locations to created locations or choose not to import locations by ignoring the data related to these locations.

Import users & practitioners

You will then need to assign Users & Practitioners in Cliniko to Members in Splose. You can choose to assign your users & practitioners to members created in Splose or choose not to import locations by ignoring the data related to these users & practitioners.

Import services

You will then need to assign Appointment types in Cliniko to Services in Splose. You can choose to assign your appointment types to services created in Splose or let Splose create new services for imported appointment types.

Import your other data

Select other data you wish to import.

Review the data you would like to import from cliniko to Splose and then click Submit.

The time to complete the import is based on the amount of data you have. You can continue setting up your workspace while the import is in progress. Splose will send you an email when your import is complete.

Debtor management

If you are a Xero user and your debtors are in Xero, we recommend keeping them there and managing them using the Aged Receivables report. If your debtors exist in power diary, we recommend creating the debtors in Splose along with the outstanding balance. Create an invoice and add a "Custom" invoice item line and the amount. You can enter the issue date and due date, then email follow-ups right using email templates. Continue debtor management using the Aged Debtors report in Splose.

Account credit

Add account credits for clients and contacts.

What happens after the transfer is complete

After the import is complete, you can view it from the Import Settings page. You have 48 hours to delete an import, should anything be missing.

Get support during your transfer

The cliniko import is seamless. Rest assured, our team has helped many other businesses like yours safely transfer data into Splose. We are available to support you with transferring your data. Simply reach out to our support team if you need help.

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