If you need to cancel an appointment or a client requests to cancel their appointment and you need to keep a record of the appointment, then you will want to cancel an appointment from the calendar. If an appointment is cancelled, it will no longer be displayed in the calendar for members and practitioners. All the information about the appointment, including the cancellation reason and appointment note, will remain and be accessible from the appointments tab in the client's file. Throughout Splose, a cancelled tag will be displayed next to the appointment.

How to cancel an appointment

Click the appointment to details to open the appointment details modal. You can then click the Cancel button.

The cancellation reasons modal will open up, asking you to select a cancellation reason and provide a note regarding the cancellation, which you can refer to later.

We include default cancellation reasons for every new workspace, but you can add new cancellation reasons.

Now that the appointment is cancelled, you can view it from the client's appointments table:

When you click the actions icon, the appointment details will be displayed and you will be able to see the cancellation reason and cancellation note.

If a client cancels without providing enough notice in accordance with your cancellation policy, then you may be within your rights to charge the client and you can invoice a client for a cancelled appointment.

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