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What to do if Zoom will not connect
What to do if Zoom will not connect

How to connect Zoom when it shows 'Checking integration status' and will not connect.

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Why Zoom will not connect

When you click Connect under the Zoom integration, if a spinning circle appears that displays 'Checking integration status' and does not load, this is likely because you are using Safari. Safari defaults to not allow pop-ups, which stops you from authorizing Splose to have access to your Zoom account. There is a way to fix this.

How to fix this

When you click connect, a notification will be displayed in the search bar. If you click the pop-up notification on the right of the search bar, it will take you to the page that was blocked.

Another option to stop this from happening is to enable pop-ups all the time on Splose. To allow pop-ups, go to the Safari menu, choose Preferences and click the Websites tab. Scroll down to Pop-up Windows and change the setting to Allow.

After this, you will be able to finish setting up the Zoom integration.

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