Thanks to our unique integration with Google Calendar, we've made it possible to connect your calendars and bring them into Splose. When you create events in Google Calendar, they are instantly displayed in Splose, and when you create appointments or group appointments in Splose, they are instantly synced to Google Calendar!

This guide will cover:

  • How to set up Google Calendar using your Google account

  • How Google Calendar blocks out availability in online bookings

  • What information is synced to Google Calendar from Splose

  • What information is synced to Splose from Google Calendar

  • Keeping client details private when syncing to Google Calendar

  • Show and hide Google events on your Splose calendar

About Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a time-management and scheduling tool which allows you to organise your schedule and share events with family and friends. With Google’s free online calendar, it’s easy to create and edit events. Reminders can be enabled for events with options available for type and time. Event locations can also be added and linked with Google Maps and other users can be invited to events.

Set up Google calendar using your Google account

Log in with your Google account

Head to My Account, then Integrations and click Connect under Google Calendar.

Sign in with Google and give permission for Splose to access your calendar by clicking allow.

Then click Allow again to confirm your choices.

Select calendars to display

Once your Google account is connected to Splose, select the calendars whose events you would like to bring into Splose and the date range of events you would like to initially sync. Keep in mind that any calendar that is displayed in Splose will block out your availability in online bookings.

📝 Note: Your previous appointments will not be synced to Google Calendar. Only new appointments created in Splose will be synced to Google Calendar.

Create new appointments to sync to Google Calendar

Click on an appointment to see the "View in Google" button, which allows you to open up the appointment directly in your Google Calendar.

You will then be able to view it in your Google Calendar.

Display Google events from your Splose calendar

Your Google events will be displayed in Splose as the default blue appointment colour and the appointment details modal title will say Google event.

In Splose, you can view the:

  • Title

  • Time and date

  • Location

  • Description with any links

  • Free or busy

  • View in Google button

Keep client details private when syncing to Google Calendar

If you are looking to enforce extra privacy measures, you can go to Settings, Client data and decide how client names should be synced across to Google Calendar. You can choose to sync across full names, first name, last names, initials or anonymise names.

Show and hide Google events on your Splose calendar

You can choose to show or hide Google events by default by clicking G your keyboard to Show or hide Google events. You can also click F on your keyboard for Filters and toggling the Show or hide Google events.

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