About LanternPay

LanternPay is an online claiming platform that allows you to easily claim and be quickly paid for invoices to the TAC, Worksafe Victoria, NDIS, Medibank, NIB and more.

This help guide will cover:

  • What happens with the LanternPay + Splose integration

  • Getting started with LanternPay

  • How to connect LanternPay with Splose

  • How to run a predetermination

  • How to submit a claim using LanternPay

What happens with the LanternPay + Splose integration

Splose integrates with the NDIS program and enables you to submit invoices to NDIS plan managers and get paid automatically.

You can see a list of plan managers that registered with LanternPay.

Getting started with LanternPay

Getting started with LanternPay is easy! Head to lanternpay.com and click 'Get started'. From there, select ‘Create account’ – LanternPay will ask you a few short account questions (company name, email, bank details etc.) to create your account. Once created, you will receive two emails from LanternPay – one is to verify your email address, and the other is to validate your bank details. Make sure to follow the instructions in both emails so that your account is validated and ready for invoicing.

If you have any questions about this process, you can contact LanternPay on 1300 Lantern or info@lanternpay.com.

How to connect LanternPay with Splose

Go to Settings, Integrations and under LanternPay, click Connect.

Next, Sign in with LanternPay to authorise Splose to your LanternPay account.

Select a payment method for receiving payments from LanternPay. An invoice will be automatically updated in Splose when payment is received.

Add NDIS details

Add an NDIS number to a client

Ensure you have created a client and added an NDIS number on the details page.

Add a plan manager (optional)

If you would like the plan manager to be the invoice recipient, add the plan manager as a contact in Splose by going to Contacts and click New contact.

Add NDIS codes to services

In Settings, Services, check that you have added the correct NDIS item code to the service. You can validate the item codes within LanternPay or using the NDIS Price Guide and Support Catalogue.

Claimable invoice items

Appointments and supporting activities are valid invoice items as they include a start date.

Submit an invoice for payment

Create an invoice for an NDIS participant and view the invoice. On the invoice page, click Validate on the LanternPay status card.

The invoice status will update to Validating while LanternPay runs a predetermination. Predeterminations enable you to retrieve the expected funding from the plan manager before submitting the invoice. Predeterminations are estimates only and are not binding nor final.

The predetermination will return a Valid or Rejected status.

📝 Note: An error is displayed on the status card if the claim gets rejected. "The biller does not participate in program 'NDIS'." is a common error.

Hovering over the Valid status will display additional information about the claim, such as "Invoice is valid for claim. You can now submit it."

If you receive this message, click Submit to make a claim. The status now will be updated to Pending.

Once the update is complete, the invoice status will update to Approved, and hovering the status will reveal "Invoice has been approved and will be paid". Each invoice item will have a claim status such as Provisionally approved. This means that the invoice meets the NDIS rules and is likely to be paid by NDIS.

After a claim gets approved by the NDIS (typically on the following day), Splose will automatically update the invoice to Paid.

Open in LanternPay

You can use the Open in LanternPay link to open the invoice directly in LanternPay.

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