Set up the Stripe integration

Gift vouchers are powered by Stripe. In order to set up and sell gift vouchers online, you must first connect Stripe to Splose.

Enable payment for online bookings

Ask your clients to pay the partial or full amount of their appointment to confirm the online booking.

Go to Settings, then Services and select the Service that you want to enable online payments for. Toggle online payments On.

Next, select if payment is optional or required.

Now, select if the partial or full payment amount is required.

If full payment is selected, clients must pay the full amount including any taxes, and if partical is selected, the client will need to pay the amount you select.

After finalisng online payments for the service, click Save and repeat for any other services you would like to enable online payments for.

How clients pay online

If you have online bookings enabled and online payments enabled for services, your clients will be able to pay at the final stage of online bookings. Instead of Confirming on this page, the client will be asked to "Continue to payment".

The client can then enter their credit card details and click "Make payment and book" to pay and confirm the booking.

Invoices for online payments

When a payment is completed, an invoice will be created in your workspace. The partial or full payment will be applied to the invoice, and any outstanding amount can be paid from the invoice page.


If Xero is enabled, the invoice and payment will be synced.

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