You can archive clients if you wish to no longer search for them throughout Splose, such as adding to an appointment, invoice, payment, expense claim etc. The client won't actually be deleted from your workspace, which means that they can be restored.

You can, however, permanently delete a client which removes them and associated information forever.

Archive a client

Search for a client you wish to archive and then click the Archive button on the page:

You will be prompted to confirm that you want to archive the client. Select Archive.

A notification will pop up informing you that the client has been archived and you will see there is a red archived tag next to the client's name.

Now, the client is archived. You can still search for the client from the client search page:

Restore a client

If you need to restore a client, so that the client appears back in search function in Splose, then all you need to do is click Restore on the client's page.

Confirm if you want to restore the client and click Restore.

Now, the client has been restored and will appear back in search.

Permanently Delete a client

You can also permanently delete a client. Be careful as this action cannot be undone.

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