You can archive contacts if you wish to hide them from searches throughout Splose, When you go to invoice or add a payment, or assign a referrer to a case, the archived contact will be hidden from searches. By archiving a contact, the contact won't actually be deleted from your workspace, which means that they can be restored.

Archive a contact

Search for a contact you wish to archive and then click the Archive button on the page:

You will be prompted to confirm that you want to archive the contact. Select Archive.

A notification will pop up informing you that the contact has been archived and you will see there is a red archived tag next to the contact's name.

Now, the contact is archived. You can still search for the contact from the contact search page by selecting the Archived filter:

Restore a contact

If you need to restore a contact so that the contact appears back in the search function in Splose, then all you need to do is click Restore on the contact's page.

Confirm if you want to restore the contact and click Restore.

Now, the contact has been restored and will appear back in search.

You can access your archived contacts by downloading an export of your contacts.

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