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Invite users to join your workspace
Invite users to join your workspace

Easily invite users to your workspace (such as practitioners, practice managers, receptionists and accountants)

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You can invite other users to your workspace by going to Settings, then Users where you will see a list of all active users in your workspace. Click Invite users.

You can invite multiple users to your workspace or individually invite them. You must enter the users' first name, last name, email and security role.

Only practitioners and practitioner admins are billable users. You'll be billed for these practitioners according to your billing cycle. Admin users don't count as billable users, so you can add them without being billed.

πŸ“ It's important to note that every invitation is only valid for a limited time, so the person you are inviting should accept the invitation and sign up as soon as they receive the email. You resend an invite by going to Settings > Users > Resend invite.

To re-activate an inactive user, please see our inactive users guide.

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