Thanks to Medipass and our incredible integration with them, you can to submit Medicare bulk billing and patient claims, lodge DVA claims, accept card payments and process HICAPS rebates, all without a terminal and without needing to leave your Splose workspace.

This help guide will cover:

  • How to create a Medipass account

  • How to set up card payments in Medipass

  • How to connect Medipass to Splose

  • How to allocate credit card payments to payment types in Splose

If you have already connected Medipass with Splose, you will want to set up services correctly.

Set up a Medipass account

This guide assumes you have a Medipass account but in the case that you don't, you can head to the Medipass website and create an account. If you have any questions, you can reach out to the Medipass team.

Setting up card payments in Medipass

You will need to enable card payments in Medipass.

Go to Business Settings, Card payments and manage payment method.

Select Medipass Card Payments, then click Confirm & continue.

You will need to confirm Business & location details, Payment card, Bank account and Business verification.

After verification, you will see that Medipass card payments have been selected as a payment method.

Now, you can connect Medipass to Splose. If you have already connected Medipass, because you have enabled HICAPS, Medicare or DVA, then you can skip the following section.

Connect Medipass to Splose

Log in to your Medipass account, then go to Medipass account.

Under API Keys, generate an API key and then click the copy icon to copy the API key to your clipboard.

In Splose, go to Settings, Integrations, and under Medipass, click connect.

Paste your API key.

How to record Medipass payments in Splose

Once you have connected, you must decide how to assign payments in Splose that are made through Medidpass, which is crucial for financial reporting.

Once ready, click Save settings, or add a new payment method and come back here.

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