Lodge a claim with DVA

Lodge a claim with Department of Veterans' Affairs for a client.

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Lodge DVA claims using the Medipass integration. Connect Medipass with Splose before reading this guide.

This help guide will cover:

  • Configuring DVA in Medipass

  • Setting up DVA details in the client record

  • Process a DVA claim from an invoice

  • Checking the status of a DVA claim

Configure DVA in Medipass

Make sure to connect and configure Medipass with Splose to enable DVA claims.

Add DVA details for a client

To pass a client's DVA details to Medipass, and save you from having to enter their details each time you need to process a claim for a client, you must enter the DVA number and gender in the client details page by clicking edit, then searching the health fund and adding the client's health fund details.

Set up cases to manage referral information

In order to efficiently lodge DVA claims, you must create a case for a client so that referral information can be passed to Medipass. If the following information is not provided, then you will need to add it individually each time.

Cases help you store the following referral information for clients, which will be passed to Medipass if entered


The doctor or specialist who referred the client, which is required when lodging a claim.

Referrer provider number

The referring doctors' provider number.

Issue date

The date that the referral was issued. This should the current day or a date in the past for DVA claims.

Referral period

If the client has a referral, then you can enter the referral period. For General practitioners: standard is 12 months, for specialists, non-standard is 3 months.

Expiry date

Set the date that the case status will expire. This will be auto-set if you enter a referral period.

Set up item codes correctly in services

In order to pass the correct information to Medipass, make sure your services have correct item codes in order to submit a claim, as the item code gets passed to Medipass for fast-claiming.

In Settings, then Services, select a service and under actions, click the three dots to edit a service.

Search item codes in Medipass to confirm the correct code.

Process a DVA claim with Medipass

Create a DVA appointment. Select the DVA service and assign a case.

Then click Add invoice.

Make sure the Medicare provider number is selected on the invoice, since DVA claims come under the Medicare provider number. Click Create invoice.

Once the invoice is created, click DVA claim under the Pay button.

The Medipass modal will be appear with client details, location details, referring doctor details and service items pre-filled. Review the claim and click Submit claim.

Check the status of a DVA claim

Review the status of the claim from the invoice, or open in Medipass to see more details.

Download DVA Treatment Service Voucher

Download the Department of Veteran's Affairs Treatment Service Voucher to send to clients.

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