Set up an email signature

Customise your email signature for a personalised email experience, and include user and business placeholders.

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Email signatures allow you to create a personalised signature for different email templates and save time while maintaining consistency. Your email signature can help make your emails stand out and impress your clients with more professional communications.

Create an email signature

Go to Settings, then Email Signature.

Design your email signature by adding different placeholders and your logo. Included are new placeholder options for Users, such as Profession, email, signature, phone number and more!

Placeholders are not just for practitioners but also admin users with the addition of the admin profession field in the user settings page.

Then, go into Settings, Email templates and select a template you want to add an email signature to by clicking edit.

Check "Include email signature" and you will see your email signature displayed below the main email content.

Where to add email signatures

We recommend adding an email signature to general, progress note, form and letter email templates. These are the typical templates that are more personalised, whereas invoice, statement and receipt emails would typically come from the business. For these types of email templates, simply add your logo and business placeholders into the email template directly and don't select the email signature.

When sending an email, the signature will be automatically appended to the email template.

The Email Signature feature is an excellent tool for businesses and practitioners alike, allowing you to create easily customisable email signatures to add a personalised touch to emails while keeping them uniform and professional.

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