You can create your own letter templates for practitioners to use in your business. Once created, letters can be stored and then be sent to clients and contacts. There are two referral letter templates for all new businesses to help you get started. Placeholders help automate letter writing, including adding a practitioner's signature to letters.

Create a letter template

Go to Settings, then Letter templates and click + New template.

Then, give your letter template a name, then start writing your letter and use the dropdown Start writing your template using placeholders. Placeholder codes allow you to dynamically generate details from your business, patients, practitioners, the date, cases and contacts. When you create a letter, you can insert information into the placeholders.

Once you have created your letter content, you can preview the letter

Decide if you want to add different letterhead styles in your letter, which will appear above the letter content.

Click Create letter template.

If you wish to hide a letter template from your workspace and no longer use it, you can archive a letter template under actions, click archive.

Now you can create a letter for a client.

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