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User groups enables filtered reporting and waitlist management by user groups

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Using the user groups feature in Splose

Splose's user groups feature allows you to group your users into different categories, making it easier to manage and assign users to different groups. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use this new feature:

Creating a User Group

To create a user group, go to Settings, then Users, and then click + New group. You’ll be prompted to give your group a name. This makes it easier to identify the group at a later time.

Next, you’ll need to select which users you’d like to add to the group. This can be done by selecting users from a list or by using search filtering to narrow down your options. Then click Create.

Using User Groups for Filtering & Waitlist Management

Once you have added your users to the group, you can now filter reports by user group, as well as add and update clients on the waitlist to be waiting for a specific user group, such as "Physiotherapists" or "Graduates".

Using user groups is an easy and efficient way to categorise practitioners and admin and manage waitlists and reporting.

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