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Set up and manage the waitlist
Set up and manage the waitlist

Manage your clients waiting for supports from the waitlist and map view. Automatic matches help you identify available times to see clients.

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About the Waitlist

Splose's smart waitlist gives you a holistic view of clients waiting for support, identifies available matches based on client preferences and shows clients in similar areas with the map view. Learn more about the Waitlist feature from our website.

Set up waitlist tags

You can set up waitlist tags in Settings, Tags, and add new tags based on how you want to filter clients on the waitlist. Every workspace includes default tags for High, Medium and Low priority.

Managing the waitlist

Add clients to the waitlist

Go to the Waitlist page and click Add client.

Complete the form to add a client to the waitlist:

  • Add a preferred location

  • Choose the preferred practitioner

  • Search the client

  • Select the date added - you can backdate if required

  • Choose the services the client is waiting for - you can add one service or multiple

  • Select the preferred days of the week

  • Select the preferred times - Morning, Afternoon and Evening

  • Assign any tags

Then click Add and the client will be added to the waitlist!

Filter and sort the waitlist

You can use the sorting and filters to narrow down your waitlist based on tags, date added, preferred service and other fields.

Use the map view to find clients in similar areas

Click Map to go to the map view, and you’ll see all of your clients based on their addresses. Interact with the map to see clients in similar areas and make informed decisions based on practitioner availability.

The map view displays clients based on the waitlist filters, for example, if you want to filter out clients waiting for Speech Pathology, you'll only see those clients. This is really helpful if you're looking to support clients with similar needs!

The map view helps you save time on travel, optimise your schedule and support more clients.

Moving a client from Active to Closed

The goal is to support more clients and move them from the "Active" list to the "Closed" list.

Waitlist matches

Take advantage of waitlist automation. Whether you have a cancellation or simply want to fill free space, go to the calendar and click on the available time and add an appointment or support activity.

You’ll now see all the waitlist matches, ordered by the client waiting the longest.

Click on the waitlist match to add them to the appointment or support activity, complete the rest of the form and click Create.

The client will be moved to the Closed waitlist. You can click the Changelog to see the history which shows the client moved to the closed waitlist and the service they received.

The changelog shows all the details for the client.

If a client is waiting for services, they will remain on the Active waitlist for the service they are still waiting to receive, however, the history will show the client received other services.

Manually move a client to the closed waitlist

You can also move a client from Active to Closed by clicking the actions menu and then clicking Move to closed.

📝 You can also restore the waitlist position at any time by opening the Closed waitlist, clicking the actions menu beside the client's name and then clicking Restore.

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