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Set up the LanternPay by HICAPS integration
Set up the LanternPay by HICAPS integration

Process claims directly to the NDIA and in real time for NDIA-managed participants.

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About LanternPay by HICAPS

LanternPay by HICAPS is a digital claim platform that allows you to easily claim from

Government Schemes and Private Health Insurers. Participating Schemes include Medicare,DVA, NDIS, TAC, Work Safe VIC and Insurance Commission of WA. With LanternPay by HICAPS and Splose, you can process claims for NDIA-managed participants directly via the NDIS API.

This help guide will cover:

  • What happens with the LanternPay by HICAPS + Splose integration

  • Getting started with LanternPay by HICAPS

  • How to connect LanternPay by HICAPS with Splose

  • How to submit a claim using LanternPay by HICAPS

What happens with the LanternPay by HICAPS + Splose integration

Splose integrates with the NDIS program and enables NDIS-registered providers to submit claims directly to the NDIA and receive real-time responses against NDIA-managed participants.

Getting started with LanternPay by HICAPS

Getting started on the NDIS APIs involves two steps.

  1. Create an account with LanternPay by HICAPS

  2. Connecting to the NDIS APIs

Create an Account with LanternPay by HICAPS

Head to Home - LanternPay and click Get Started. Select Create account. LanternPay by HICAPS will ask you a few short account questions (company name, email,

bank details etc.) to create your account.

Once created, you will receive two emails from LanternPay by HICAPS – one is to verify your email address, and the other is to validate your bank details. Make sure to follow the instructions in both emails so that your account is validated.

Connect to the NDIS APIs

Before you can start submitting claims directly from Splose to the NDIA you need to

authorise LanternPay by HICAPS to connect you to the NDIS APIs and transmit claims

digitally on your behalf.

This step involves completing this online web form which will open an onboarding case within LanternPay by HICAPS. You will be asked to complete a few registration steps as follows:

  1. NDIA declaration to be signed and returned to LanternPay; and

  2. PRODA device registration and activation

LanternPay by HICAPS will guide you through the above process and advise when the final set up is complete and you're ready to go live.

Where to get help?

  • For more information on Signing up for the NDIS APIs, Activating your PRODA Device and What are the costs to use LanternPay? please visit our website or contact the LanternPay Customer Support Team.

  • For more information on Connecting with NDIA systems please visit the NDIA website or contact the Digital Partnerships Office at

  • If you need help with PRODA please call 1800 700 199 and select option 1. Call costs from your landline from anywhere in Australia to a 1800 number are free. For more information about PRODA, please go to

If you have any questions about getting started with LanternPay by HICAPS, you can contact them at

Connect LanternPay with Splose

Go to Settings, Integrations and under LanternPay, click Connect.

Start claiming with LanternPay

Sign in with LanternPay to authorise Splose to access your LanternPay account.

Select a payment method for receiving payments from LanternPay. An invoice will be automatically updated in Splose when payment is received.

Add NDIS details

Add an NDIS number to a client

Create a client and add an NDIS number and select NDIA-managed.

Add NDIS item codes

In Settings, Services, check that you have added the correct NDIS item code to the service. You can validate the item codes within LanternPay or using the NDIS Price Guide and Support Catalogue.

Create an invoice and make a claim

Create an invoice for an NDIS participant and view the invoice. On the invoice page, click Claim.

A list of available service bookings will be fetched from the NDIS. Click the available NDIS service booking. This can take up to 10 seconds.

The claim will then be validated and the claim results will be displayed on the LanternPay card.

Note that there is no Pre adjudication for the NDIA APIs.

The claim statuses are as follows:

  • Submitted – This is really whatever state Splose provide until they get a response from us

  • Pending – The claim has been dispatched to the NDIS and is awaiting their adjudication

  • Approved – The claim has been approved by the NDIS and will be paid in the next payment cycle

Claims can be cancelled via the API here is the article we provide on this process

Open in LanternPay

You can use the click Open in LanternPay link to open the invoice directly in LanternPay and view the claim results.

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