Contacts can be used to send invoices to, make payments, store account credit and set as a referrer in cases. Having contacts in Splose help you manage your ongoing relationships and maintain up to date details for those contacts.

You can invoice a contact, accept payments for, store account credit, send them a letter and add them as a referrer for a case.

If you have an existing database of contacts? You can use our import tool to add them to Splose all at once.

To add a new contact, go to the Contacts tab on the left, then click + New contact.

Firstly, select the contact type.

You can create your own contact types.

If you use the included Doctor contact type, you will notice a few additional options:

You have the option to add a provider number for the contact, and also select whether the doctor is a general practitioner or specialist. This information is necessary for the Medipass integration.

This information is necessary if you intended on using cases and the Medipass integration bulk bill and patient claims for Medicare or lodging DVA claims.

Once you have entered the necessary information, you can click Save contact.

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