Set up two-way SMS

Support clients using conversational messaging and receive SMS replies from your workspace.

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The Conversations icon in the top right of your dashboard is your place to manage SMS conversations with your clients. To enable two-way SMS and communicate back and forth with your clients, you will need to set up two-way SMS.

Learn how to set it up by watching the video, or reading the information below.

πŸ‘‘ Pricing: Two-way SMS is an add-on feature.

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πŸ“ Once activated, please avoid prompting the client to reply with Cancel in your SMS appointment templates as this will unsubscribe them from receiving SMS communications in the future.

In case a client replies Cancel, advise them to reply Start to re-subscribe.

How to set up Two-way SMS (Video)

How to set up Two-way SMS

Go to Settings, then SMS settings and scroll to Two-way SMS.

Click Activate two-way SMS.

Read the Two-way SMS terms by clicking the hyperlink. If you accept the terms, click Next.

A list of available numbers from our service provider will be available. You can refresh the list to see more numbers. Click confirm once you have found a number you are happy with, however, there are no guarantees you will be able to find the number again if you refresh the page. This is a number assigned to your business, and all messages sent from your business will come from this number.

πŸ“ Note: You can't bring your own mobile number - it must be from the list.

Once you've found a number, click Select and then Confirm.

Once confirmed, your new number will be displayed under the Two-way SMS section.

How to send and receive messages

You can message clients in a variety of ways:

  • From the conversations panel in the top menu

  • From the calendar by clicking the client's mobile number

  • From the client page by clicking New SMS

  • From the communications page

All inbound and outbound messages are retained on the communications page, to help you stay compliant.

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