Two-way SMS allows you to receive SMS replies from clients right from your dashboard.

Go to SMS settings, then scroll to two-way SMS, and click Enable two-way SMS

You’ll need to read and accept the two-way SMS Feature Terms & Conditions before proceeding.

You will be presented with a list of available mobile numbers. You can refresh the list to see more numbers. Click confirm once you have found a number you are happy with.

The number selected will be yours to use. Clients can save your number as a contact and reply to messages. That’s it for setting up! Now, when you send a message, it will come from your number instead of a shared Splose number.

You can message clients in a variant of ways:

  • From the conversations panel in the navigation menu

  • From the calendar

  • From the client page

  • From the communication page

Splose logs all outbound and inbound messages for audit purposes, as well as helping you make sure the message is successfully delivered.

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