Set up two-factor authentication
Help protect your account with an additional layer of security by enabling 2FA.
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Protect your account with two-factor authentication (or two-step or 2FA). Each time you sign in to your Splose workspace, you will need to enter your correct email and password as well as a one-time, unique verification code sent to an authenticator app on your chosen device. This means, if your password is compromised or stolen, you can have peace of mind knowing that no one can access your account without the code sent to the authenticator app on your device.

Enable 2FA for your account

Go to My Account and then Account security.

Step 1. Download a two-factor authenticator app on your mobile like Google Authenticator.

Step 2. Click Enable two-factor authentication

Step 3: Open the app and scan the QR code, then enter the code into the input box below.

If you lose your device, you must contact your workspace admin and ask them to remove 2FA from your account.

Recommended apps for authentication

Disable 2FA for your account

We highly recommend keeping two-factor authentication on your Splose account but if you need to, you can do that by going to My Account, Account security and disable two-factor authentication.

Using 2FA for multiple workspaces

If you belong to multiple workspaces, then you will need to set up 2FA for each account separately.

Locked out?

If you lost your phone or no longer have access to your phone, you should tell your workspace administrator immediately. Your workspace admin can disable 2FA on your account and help you log in to your account.

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