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Create different form templates such as intake forms, service agreements, consent forms and more.

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Create forms and service agreements, and automate data collection and workflows with over 11 response options and 20 client fields that pre-populate client data fields once submitted. You can send forms to clients from the client details page or set up a workflow to automatically send forms to clients once an appointment is created.

Here is a short introductory video:

This help guide will cover:

  • How to create a form/service agreement template

  • Form question types

  • Customising form colours and header images

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Create a form/service agreement template

Go to Settings, then Form and click + New template.

Then you can select from a New blank template and a Service agreement template to start building your form.

You can preview the Service agreement template, and then select it to add sections and questions.

Build your form with sections and questions

Once you have selected a template, you can start by giving it a name, such as 'Intake form', or 'New client form'. Your clients will be able to see the title of your template in their browser.

The left side includes the sections and questions that can be dragged onto the form.


A statement is a block of text that does not need to be answered, so clients cannot add details here. It is purely for displaying a message to your client. You may want to use Titles and descriptions to explain why you are collecting such personal information or provide an introduction to a series of questions.


Short answer/Paragraph

A single-line input field for clients to write a short response


A larger input field for clients to write a longer response



Create a list of options that the client needs to select from, and add an 'other' option that enables the client to enter their own option. You can use this list for the client to indicate responses that apply to them, such as areas the client needs support with, or use it as a way to confirm the client has read and agreed to a policy or fee schedule.


Create a list of options that appear as a dropdown list and ask the client to select one option from the provided list. Use dropdowns to categorise preferences or how a client is managed, such as asking if the client is self, plan or agency-managed.

Multiple choice

Create a list of options and let the client select multiple options from the list. You can use this when wanting a client to respond to a question where only one answer is necessary.


File upload

Ask clients to upload a document or image up to 10MB in size.


You can upload and display images in your forms if you need to visually explain something to your clients. There is no response for this question type - just view only.



Ask clients to select the date, which may refer to a point in time you ask about.

Linear scale

A slideable line with different points can be used as a pain scale, asking clients to slide from 1 to 5, or 1 to 10 to indicate the level of pain experienced.


A simple signature option where clients can sign the form.


An easy way to gather a yes/no answer to a question.


A Schedule of Supports/Fee Schedule can be added to customise hours, rates and total support fees along with service titles and descriptions.

Client details

You can ask clients to provide the following personal details and upon submission of these details, the client details section will automatically pre-fill! This means no double handling of information. These client details include:

  • Address

  • Date of birth

  • Email

  • Sex

  • Gender identity

  • Phone number

  • Preferred name

  • Pronouns

  • Timezone

  • Emergency Contact

  • Medications

  • Allergies

  • Intolerances

  • Medicare details

  • Private health details

  • DVA details

  • NDIS number

  • NDIS Diagnosis

  • NDIS fund management (Self-managed, Plan-managed, NDIA-managed)

  • NDIS nominee

  • Occupation

  • Privacy policy checkbox

Workflow automation

Set required questions

You can make certain questions required, which ensures that clients cannot submit the form until a response to the question is provided. You can do this by toggling the required switch in the bottom right of each section.

πŸ“ Note: All question types can be duplicated except for personal details questions that update the client details section in Splose. That's because the client can only enter their personal details on a single form once (otherwise we wouldn't know which response to update!).

Duplicate questions

If you plan on asking similar questions, then you can use the duplicate option to duplicate questions, saving you time! This button is located in the bottom right, next to the required questions switch.

Delete questions

You can easily delete questions, and we always prompt a confirmation in case you accidentally click the delete button. This is also located in the bottom right, next to the duplicate button.

Drag and drop questions

While creating your template, you can drag and drop questions to change the position within any section and change the position of responses in certain question types.

Create your form

When you're ready and happy with your template, click Create.

Duplicate templates

We created a duplicate feature that allows you to create a copy of your template without having to design another template from scratch. You can duplicate a form by clicking Actions, then Duplicate.

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