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Prepare Service Agreements
Prepare Service Agreements

How to use form templates and the calculation field to prepare and send NDIS Service Agreements.

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Create and modify your Service Agreement template

Go to Settings, Form templates and click New template

You can preview the Service agreement template, then click Select.

Modify the standard terms and conditions to suit your needs and your client's requirements. This template should form the standard template used for all clients.

Once a template is created, it is expected you would use this for your clients.

The tailored supports and fees can be customised by using the calculation field. The calculation field lets you embed a Schedule of Supports/Fee Schedule into your form template.

You should add all of the possible services and descriptions to the Schedule of Supports by creating new rows.

You can then tailor the Schedule of Supports on an individual participant level by adding, removing and editing each item line when preparing an agreement.

Customising the Schedule of Supports for each client

Go to a client record and click + New form. Select the Service agreement template, select a related appointment (if any) and choose to pre-fill client details and click Create.

Once created, click View to open the form.

Scroll to the Schedule of Supports feature and click the "Edit" icon.

The Schedule of Supports will be displayed, allowing you to add, update and delete rows and information. You can edit all aspects of this, including the text, hours, price, and headings as well as add and remove rows.

Once you have tailored the Schedule of Supports, click Save and the updates will be reflected on the form immediately.

Click "Open in new tab" to see the form that the client will complete.

You will notice that the Schedule of Supports can not be edited and instead shows as "read-only", meaning clients can simply read, complete and submit the form.

That's it!

You can Open in a new tab and complete the Service Agreement with the client, or simply click Email form to send the client (or contact) the form to complete.

Once the form is completed, it will be marked as Completed.

You can then download a PDF copy and email it to the client or contact for their records.

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