Export all of your data

Export your data from Splose in a machine readable format (CSV).

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You can export your data from Splose with just one click! Being able to export your data in a machine-readable format helps meet international privacy laws such as GDPR such as to give you the right to data portability. Data from your workspace will be exported CSV file, JSON. CSV, XML and JSON are examples of structured, commonly used and machine-readable formats that are appropriate for data portability.

This help guide will cover:

  • How to export data

  • What data can be exported

  • How to delete an export

How to export data from Splose

To export your data, head to Settings and then Export.

You can then select from the available export options and then select a date range to export your data from.

You can also click Include archived if you want to display archived records.

What can be exported

You can export the following data from Splose:

  • Appointments

  • Cases

  • Client forms

  • Clients

  • Clients files

  • Contacts

  • Expenses

  • Invoices

  • Letters

  • Members

  • Payments

  • Progress notes

  • Services

How to download an export file

Your data will be displayed in the table below.

To download your export, click actions and then Download. You can also delete an export.

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