Add a new payment method

Set up payment types which can be used to allocate payments (such as HICAPS, cash, credit card etc.).

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Your business must have payment types set up to record payments, and if you plan on using any payment integrations in Splose.

By default, Splose includes some payment types such as credit card, EFTPOS, Cash, Medicare, and HICAPS. In Settings, then Payments, you can see all of your payment types.

Click + Add payment method to add a new payment type. Add a description for your own reference, assign a Xero account (if required) and click Create.

You can also edit a payment type later to change the name or change the status to inactive. Inactive payment types will not be displayed in the Add a payment modal.

Once you're happy with the payment types, you can then add new payments and select from the payment methods available.

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