Send statements to clients
How to generate and send account statements to clients based on activity and outstanding balance.
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How to Use Splose's New Account Statements Feature

Statements are designed to help you generate accurate and up-to-date statements for your clients with just a few clicks.

Go to a client record, then click on Statements.

Choose your statement options settings. This includes selecting to run the statement by Activity or Outstanding balance, then selecting the date range for the statement, all or individual locations, and if you want to include the client address.

Then click update.

Once you've selected your clients and statement settings, you can generate and send the statements with just a few clicks. Statements automate the process of generating and sending an outstanding balance or client's activity manually, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.

Email statement

Send a statement by clicking Email statement, then select a client or contact and click Send.

You can customise your statement template in Settings, then Email templates.

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