It's super easy to add a payment to an invoice in Splose, which helps with accounting, reconciliation and keeps your team updated accordingly. This guide will show you how to add a payment for an invoice to mark it as paid.

Add a payment to an invoice

Once you have created an invoice, then the invoice will likely be in the draft, sent or awaiting payment status until the invoice is paid or partially paid.

To add a payment to an invoice, select Add payment.

The Payment modal will come up, with:

  • Options for you to select the location of the payment (by default is the location in the invoice)

  • The payment date (auto-filled to the current date and time)

  • The payment methods that can be used

  • Any account credit existing on the account

  • Payment integrations available (like Medicare, DVA and card payments)

  • A section to add a note

  • Where to allocate the payment to

You can partially pay an invoice or split payments from different payment methods. If you enter a payment, then it will automatically be added to the amount paid and update the remaining balance. When you're ready, you can click Confirm to add the payment.

The invoice will be updated to Paid if fully paid and the Add a payment button will be gone. The payment reference will be linked to the invoice so that you can click on the payment to see the details.

The payment can be accessed at any time.

📝 Note: If you wish to display invoices that are of a certain status, you can select the status filter to display invoices such as those awaiting payment, or those overdue.

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