If you prefer to invoice every week, fortnight or month, then you will want to add multiple billable items for the client during the selected date range.

You can invoice a client for multiple appointments, travel items, support activities and more all from the one invoice, preventing the need to create separate invoices.

Search for a client, then go into the client's profile.

Go to Invoices, then + New invoice.

Click + Item.

Select the item type to invoice, including appointment, support activity, product, service, expense claim, support item or custom.

Typically, you will select the Appointment item type first.

Then click Support item to see if there are any associated provider travel items for the appointment.

Select Support activity to see if there are any non-face-to-face billable items and add them as invoice item lines.

Repeat this process and add all billable items to an invoice ready for sending.

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