Set up gift vouchers
Sell gift vouchers online. Choose from a range of stunning designs or upload your own. Clients can purchase for themselves or others.
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Set up the Stripe integration

Gift vouchers are powered by Stripe. In order to set up and sell gift vouchers online, you must first connect Stripe to Splose.

Turn on gift vouchers

Go to Settings, then Gift vouchers and under Sell gift vouchers online, toggle On.

Add and select designs

Now, it's time to select your gift voucher designs. Splose provides you with stunning gift voucher designs which you can use to get started with. Click Manage designs to add your own designs and select which designs to use.

πŸ“ Note: Click and drag a design to reorder the position on your online gift vouchers page.

Select gift voucher designs you would like to use or add your own design by clicking + under Your designs.

Upload your design and edit the position of your design as well as the accent colour.

Click Save.

Select gift voucher amounts

Select up to four gift voucher amounts for your clients to choose from, or allow clients to enter their own gift voucher amount by setting a minimum and maximum amount allowed to be purchased.

Add a policy

List any terms of your gift voucher. Ensure they do not override any state or federal laws or Splose policies.

Invoice settings

Select the location that should be assigned for gift voucher purchases and the payment method assigned for payments received from Stripe.

Gift voucher public links

Now that you have set up gift vouchers, go to the top of the settings page and copy your gift voucher page link and gift voucher balance link.

Share these links on your social media pages, and add these links to buttons on your website for clients to purchase.

Redeem gift vouchers

Now that you have set up gift vouchers, you can read how to redeem a gift voucher to pay an invoice.

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