Add a link to your privacy policy and ask clients to read it and accept it before proceeding with their booking.

Go to Settings and Online bookings, then add your privacy policy URL. You can include or exclude the https:// and www.

Online booking appearance

The following text will be added to the final step of the online booking page. link will be added to the confirmation page in online bookings which states to clients:

Upon confirming, your personal details will be sent securely to {BusinessName}. Please review and accept the privacy policy of {BusinessName} and click I reviewed and I accept.

When your clients click the privacy policy link, the browser will open up your privacy policy page in a new tab, allowing clients to read and close down the tab, separated from the online bookings page. Your clients must check the I reviewed and I accept checkbox in order to complete the booking.

Automatically updating the client privacy policy field

Once the client accepts it and completes their booking, the consent will be updated in their details section.

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