Make sure that you have connected Medipass to enable Medicare before reading this help guide.

If you have already connected Medipass, then you are ready to create Medicare claims 🎉

This help guide will cover:

  • How to set up Medipass card payments

  • How to add Medicare details for a client

  • How to set up cases to manage referral information

  • How to set up item codes correctly in services

  • How to submit a patient claim for a client

  • Reviewing the Medicare claim status after submitting a claim

  • How Splose automatically allocates the payment after the payment is approved from Medicare

  • Downloading the Medicare lodgement advice

  • Viewing the Medicare claim details in Medipass

Connect to Medipass

In order to submit bulk bill claims and patient claims in Splose, you'll want to make sure that you have created a Medipass account and connected it to Splose.

Set up Medipass card payments

You can enable Medipass card payments to take payment from a client for their appointment, before submitting a Medicare patient claim. With this enabled, the client can pay using Google Pay, Apple Pay or credit card without a terminal.

Add Medicare details for a client

To pass a client's Medicare details to Medipass and save you from entering it each time you need to make a claim, then you can add the Medicare details for the client in their details page.

Set up cases to manage referral information

In order to efficiently submit Medicare bulk bill claims, you can create a case for a client so that referral information can be passed to Medipass in order to make the claim. If the following information is not provided, then it will have to be manually entered each time in Medipass when making a claim.

Cases help you store the following referral information for clients, which will be passed to Medipass if entered:


The doctor or specialist who referred the client, which is required when lodging a claim.

Referrer provider number

The referring doctors' provider number.

Issue date

The date that the referral was issued. This should the current day or a date in the past for Medicare claims.

Referral period

If the client has a referral, then you can enter the referral period. For General practitioners: standard is 12 months, for specialists, non-standard is 3 months and indefinite has no expiry.

Expiry date

Set the date that the case status will expire. This will be auto-set if you enter a referral period.

Set up item codes correctly in services

In order to pass the correct information to Medipass, you'll want to make sure your services have correct item codes in order to submit a claim, as the item code is what gets passed to Medipass.

In Settings, then Services, select a service and under actions, click the three dots to edit a service.

Check that you have the correct item code, then click Save.

You can search item codes in Medipass in Services or while creating an invoice.

Submit a patient claim

You'll want to create an appointment and add the appointment to a case. You can see if an appointment is attached to a case by viewing the appointment from the appointment details side modal or the cases page.

As the appointment is connected to a case, when you invoice for an appointment, the case referral details will be passed to Medipass.

Check that the following is entered correctly as it will be passed to Medipass:

  • The practitioner provider number

  • The practitioner

  • The client name

  • The item code for the service

Ensure that your provider number should be set up correctly and connected to Medipass. Click + Invoice from the appointment modal.

Thanks to our auto-saving invoice feature, all you need to do is click View invoice. Then, select Add payment to bring up the payment modal.

As this a patient claim, you are going to take payment from the client in a different method, and then submit a patient claim for a paid invoice. Simply allocate a payment from the available payment methods and then click Confirm.

Now that the invoice has been paid by the client, you can initiate the Medipass screen by clicking Start a patient claim.

The Medipass screen will pre-fill all available information entered in Splose, such as location, practice, provider information, referral information and client information.

All you have to do is review the information and then press Continue to payment.

Medipass will remind you that you should have received the payment from the client first. Once you confirm that you have, go ahead and click Submit.

Review the Medicare claim status after submitting a claim

The claim will be sent to Medicare in real-time. The Medipass screen will be closed down and a Medicare status card will be displayed on the invoice.

The status will display pending, rejected or approved. You can refresh the page to see if the payment status has been updated.

If the claim is approved, then the Medicare status card will be updated.

Download the Medicare lodgement advice form

Here, you can download the Medicare lodgement advice from the Medicare status card and view the lodgement form in your browser and print it.

View the Medicare claim details in Medipass

You can open the transaction in Medipass form the Medicare status card to see the invoice overview.

That's how easy it is to process a Medicare patient claim with Splose.

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