If you have set up online forms, then you already know that there's plenty of questions you can ask and components you can add. Collecting your client's consent to your privacy policy is also one of them.

You can insert a link to your privacy policy in online forms and require clients to accept it before completing a booking. Upon submitting the form, the client's response will be updated in the client details section.

This help guide will cover:

  • How to add a link to your privacy policy

  • How the form looks from the client's side

  • How the consent gets displayed when the form is submitted

Head to Settings, then Form templates and then add your website URL to the response field. You can include or exclude the https:// and www.

From the client-side (the actual form)

When the form is sent to a client, they will receive the following message:

After submission

When the client submits the form, the form response will be displayed as accepted or rejected.

On the client details page, the privacy acceptance section will look like:

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