You can add a client in three different ways:

  • From the client search page
  • While creating an appointment
  • Importing from a CSV spreadsheet

Add a client via the client search page

If you want a quick and easy way to add new clients, head to the Clients tab and click + New client.

Complete all the necessary details and then Save the client. First name and Last name are the only required fields when adding or updating a client.

Add a new client while creating an appointment

You have the ability to create a client from the appointment modal from your calendar,.

Create an appointment. Enter for the new client's name in the search, and click Add as a new client. The first name and last name (if provided in the search) will auto-fill in the Add a client modal.

Enter any other client details. First and last name must be entered at a minimum.

Click the add button once you are done. The new client will be added, even if you don't proceed with the appointment.

Import clients from a CSV spreadsheet file

If you're moving practice management software or already moved, then you will likely have a CSV spreadsheet of your client list and those client's details. We've built an import tool that helps you import clients to Splose from a CSV and sync information using our matching functionality.

To learn more about importing data to Splose, visit the help guide.

Where to next?

Once your clients are in Splose, you'll likely want to:

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